Welcome to my blog

In a short time, VR has grabbed the attention of the entire world. As a 3D Artist, I was enticed right away. (You mean I can walk into the worlds I create?!) But soon I began to realize… it was much more than that. VR experience can be powerful because it is immersive. It can trick our brain by altering our cognition and Sense of Embodiment (the feeling of body ownership). You do not need VR to trick the brain, even a simple rubber glove can do it (read this article). This discovery actually points to something very interesting... the idea of a ‘self’ owning the body. It points to the problem/solution of consciousness.

VR is an amazing technology that allows us to construct (and reconstruct) our cognitive processes of self and perception. As a technology, it is going to enhance all our industries. But as an experience, it is going to change our minds - how we think and perceive… all depending on how we choose to use it.

This blog is a journal where I'll explore these questions, discuss my observations and share my findings. I will write about my experiments as a VR developer, about VR as a media for content production and recent developments in the industry. Feel free to leave comments or contact me.

And welcome to my blog.